En Garde!

A Swashbuckling Action-Adventure Game

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En Garde! is a student game prototype, featuring story-driven action in an open level for a total play time of about 30 minutes.

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What's Inside

En Garde! is a swashbuckling action-adventure game set in 17th century's Spain.

Play as Adalia de Volador, a noble & impetuous swordswoman!


Fence against multiple opponents at once by using your rapier and your ruse.


Turn the tables by intuitively using props from your surroundings against your opponents.

Open Level
Open Level

Move, fight & improvise with complete freedom in a palace thanks to your acrobatic skills.


Humiliate your enemies with panache to win the hearts of the crowd.

The game is powered by Unreal Engine 4.

Unreal Engine

Ping Awards 2018 - Winner
Independent Games Festival 2019 - Finalist
Grads in Games 2019 - Winner

About the Team

Discover The Team

En Garde! was made in 2018 as a graduation project by a team of 8 students from Supinfogame Rubika.

The team reassembled to build its own studio: Fireplace Games ; and work on a new project.

  • AP
    Adrien Poncet
    Game director & Producer
    Narrative designer & sound designer

    Adrien formed a brotherhood of eight musketeers to embark on this adventure. He envisioned, directed and wrote En Garde! like a modern-day Alexandre Dumas. Sort of.

  • VC
    Valentin Capitaine
    Game designer & AI designer
    Playtest coordinator

    Captain of the guard (as his name implies), Valentin made sure that all of Adalia’s opponents were worth a fight. He also was the main contact point with our playtesters.

  • CM
    Corentin Mangé
    Level designer & Level builder
    Level scripter

    Corentin was the chief architect of the Volador’s Palace. He worked carefully to make sure our level felt both coherent, fun and thrilling to explore and fight in.

  • SS
    Sylvain Schmück
    3C designer & Gameplay programmer
    Cinematic designer

    Both buffoon and mastermind, this trickster always comes up with crazy ideas but also have a strong technical understanding, which allowed him to develop the gameplay.

  • PC
    Pierre Chapelet
    Gameplay programmer
    AI programmer

    As some sort of supreme being, Pierre used the power of AI to gift the game’s characters with a behavior, and built the laws of the universe to make our game world interactive.

  • TG
    Tim Guthmann
    Animator & Technical artist
    Level Artist & Lighting artist

    Our master marionettist Tim literally brought life to the game’s cast of characters, and used technological witchcraft to ensure our game would look good by today’s standards.

  • AS
    Anaïs Simonnet
    Character artist & Level artist
    Lighting artist

    Like a tasteful scenographer, Anaïs meticulously made the characters, their costumes, and adorned the Volador’s Palace with details, passion and authenticity.

  • JF
    Julien Fenoglio
    Art director & Concept artist
    Level artist & 2D artist

    Julien is not only an artist, historian and erudite, he’s an actual Italian swashbuckler and the incarnation of Panache descended to earth. You would believe it if you met him.

Special Thanks

Ludwig Wu - Music Composer

Ilse Zamarripa - Adalia's voice performance

Jordan Jaminet, Valentin Picard, Maxime Conquy, Thibaut Moitel, Loup Druet, Guillaume Faguet.

Thanks to everyone who helped us with the game!


We are always open to answer questions or to talk about game development.

If you are a game publisher interested in the project, feel free to contact us!


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